BlizzCon 2013 Schedule revealed

18 Oct 2013 by Paul Younger
BlizzCon 2013 Schedule revealedBlizzCon


Blizzard are gearing up for BlizzCon next month with the reveal of the event schedule. Blizzard fans will be gathering on  8-9 November to get a taste of what’s to come as well as the usual panels and discussions.

For fans there’s plenty to get stuck into including a “Almost everything Q&A”, the ECS global finals, Arena invitational, sounds of Warcraft, “: What’s Next”, Art and there’s event a Warcraft movie presentation.

Diablo players will be looking forward to checking out Reaper of Souls and they can also partake in gameplay and system discussions, a preview, lore Q&A and discussions on the cinematic intro.

is also on the agenda along with various StarCraft II talks. For MOBA fans there’s the newly renamed Blizzard All Stars which is now called , and there’s a couple of panels and some live matches to enjoy,

Overall it’s quite a packed event and there should be enough there to please everyone. We’ll be heading over for the event so watch out for coverage on Diablo: IncGamers when it all gets underway.

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