Blizzard win legal case against World of Warcraft bot company

17 Oct 2013 by Paul Younger
Blizzard win legal case against World of Warcraft bot companyBlizzard Logo solo

Blizzard Logo solo

Over the years there has been so many different bots to automate actions in and other games but has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating in their games.

Today there’s another victory for the Blizzard legal team as they successfully took down Ceiling Fan Software who have are now facing a judgment of $7 million and the immediate deactivation of all licenses as well as being forbidden to open-sourcing the software. In other words, the software has to be completely disabled.

If you follow Blizzard games then you may remember Blizzard’s long legal wrangling with the Glider bot creators in which Blizzard eventually came through with Glider being deemed to have infringed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

With this latest case taking more than two years to conclude, Blizzard continue to show they are serious about stopping cheating. New bots will come and go so it’s going to be a continual challenge for Blizzard.

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