Weekend Steam sale focuses on Focus

5 Sep 2013  by   Tim McDonald
Weekend Steam sale focuses on FocusGame of Thrones

Weekend Steam sale focuses on Focus   game of thrones 25 1024x576

This weekend, Steam and Focus Home Interactive have cut 50% to 75% off the prices of all Focus games.

There are a few damn good deals in this Steam sale. Other than getting the Focus Special Pack – containing eight games and a few pieces of DLC – for £39.99 (down from £159.99), a few of Focus’s individual games are absolutely worth a look at their current cut price.

For instance, the superb RPG Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut is a mere £3.24. The Pendulo Studios Adventure Pack (containing the first three Runaway games, The Next BIG Thing, and Yesterday) is £8.74 – although if you’re only after one of those games, all but Yesterday are available individually for less than £2. Cities XL 2011 is £3.74. Wargame: European Escalation is £3.74. The two Game of Thrones games (which, quite honestly, I loathed) are available together for £6.25. Farming Simulator 2013 is £6.79. Etc.

There’s a lot of stuff in this Steam sale, basically, and you should probably take a look to see if anything tickles your fancy. I don’t think there’ll be special daily deals, cutting the price of particular games further every day, but it might be worth keeping your eyes open and not purchasing anything until 9 September – the last day of the sale – regardless.

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