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Takedown: Red Sabre having some multiplayer launch problems

21 Sep 2013 by Peter Parrish
Takedown: Red Sabre having some multiplayer launch problems
Takedown Red Sabre - 08

For the short time Paul and I managed to get into a game, it did indeed look quite like this.

sounds like a pretty interesting game. Tim clearly had a tense and deadly time playing for a bit with the developers for the purposes of his preview, but unfortunately the launch build of the game is having a fair few problems. The IncGamers Alpha Blue Brave squadron (or something) have just tried the multiplayer for a possible IncGamers Plays video and … it didn’t go too well.

Hosted lobbies appear to be sporadically showing up for co-op, but players are either unable to join or don’t even have lobbies listed on their machine. Paul, Tim and myself all tried hosting a game and joining through both the lobby system and the direct IP connection, with no success at all. Most bizarre of all, I lost my connection to the host when I was the host, and Paul had the same issue happen in single player mode.

While Tim was still downloading, Paul and I did briefly manage to get into a public game and attempt to storm a BioLab, so some games are functioning. Alas, part-way into the mission with a pair of bombs disarmed the old “lost connection to host” message booted us both out.

The Steam discussion forum for the game is full of people not best pleased about this launch, and while immediate calls for refunds might be a bit premature it does look as if this game is in need of some urgent changes or optimisations to its matchmaking and multiplayer structures. Right now, Takedown: Red Sabre just isn’t functioning as intended. Wait for some patching, chaps.

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