Sizzling Star Citizen video from AMD GPU announcement

26 Sep 2013 by Paul Younger
Sizzling Star Citizen video from AMD GPU announcementStar Citizen

AMD unveiled the the new R7 and R9 ‘Hawaii’ line of cards to power your PCs graphics this evening.

One of the industry stars roped in for the reveal was Chris Roberts, who I am told was having a bit of a bad hair day.

As part of the show, Chris presented this “sizzle” reel to show how great the game is looking, and with 20 million in the bank to create the game, could this possibly be one of the best PC games of next year? The video is certainly enticing.

I’m off to my Star Citizen hangar now to look at my ship and pretend I’m flying it.

Update: Star Citizen surpasses $20 million in funding as new goals are reached.

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