Latest Shadow Warrior vid displays “wangtastic features”

6 Sep 2013 by Tim McDonald
Latest Shadow Warrior vid displays “wangtastic features”Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior - 1

We’ve been covering Wang as much as we can, because we’re looking forward to . Happy day, then! have released a new Shadow Warrior trailer listing all of the game’s most impressive features. Bizarrely, Wang isn’t shown off.

It’s perhaps not the most serious of trailers, bearing in mind that “fully destructible bicycles” and “next-gen tree sway” are lumped in with the usual stuff about AMAZING SHOOTING ACTION or whatever, but that makes it far more watchable than usual. If you’re not actually interested in next-gen tree sway and gratuitous sex then hey, it’s still a full minute of Shadow Warrior footage.

Check it out below. Shadow Warrior is due out on 26 September.

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