IncGamers Podcast #132

18 Sep 2013  by   Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #132podcast132

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IncGamers Podcast #132   podcast132

Ding dong the auction house is dead! Let the news ring out throughout the land, Diablo 3’s auction house is to close early next year. Paul is the podcast man with his finger on the Diablo pulse, so he brings us reaction from the community and what this should mean for the game.

Diablo isn’t the only chap who’s red and cross, however. SimCity is too – with a strange and expensive tie-in DLC with various national Red Cross organisations. Eight quid for a building? Even charity can’t mask that kind of greed, surely?

Elsewhere, patches abound for Total War: Rome 2 and Europa Universalis IV, but only one of those strategy games launched in an acceptable state. Plus, a teaser for our upcoming GOG interview in which the digital retailer has some choice words for publishers about DRM and piracy.

Tim and Paul have both been clicking Molyneux’s delightful orbs in Godus, but what does the podcast make of this latest god-based outing? Peter has been spared the click-fest, choosing instead of venture into the Legend of Dungeon.

Listen or download the podcast, below. Or stock up on even more podcast episodes by visiting the archives, or iTunes.

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