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IncGamers Podcast #131

11 Sep 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #131pod131


The Imperial Saga (Sega?) of rumbles on this week, with a pair of patches released since last time we discussed the troubled Creative Assembly title. Have they improved matters? Should the game even have been released in this state to begin with? The team will answer both of those questions, and more!

With a beta looming upon us, this is also the right podcast in which to investigate the mystery of the disappearing Molyneux turtleneck. Modern and archive footage will be used in this most curious of curiosities.

In other beta news, Dark Souls II probably won’t be getting one on the PC. FromSoft, where is your humanity?

Something that will hit the PC (eventually,) however, is . It may be an alpha-type build, and it may be controller-only, but it is coming.

This week, we’ve played (or done our best to play,) , a now working Final Fantasy 14, a bit of FIFA 14 demo action and (in Tim’s case,) the terrifying Outlast. That’s a game in which a freelance journalist feels it’s a great idea to investigate a spooky asylum in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a storm, on his own. In other words you have to roleplay as a moron.

Listen in or download the podcast, below. You can receive even more aural delight by heading to the archives or iTunes.

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