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Humble Bundle fire sale: early reports say it’s Arcen

5 Sep 2013 by Peter Parrish
Humble Bundle fire sale: early reports say it’s Arcen
arcen games

I’d like to apologise for the Arcen/arson joke in the headline. It was quite bad.

This week’s Humble Weekly Bundle features the catalogue, so if you’ve been missing out on before now this would be a good time to put that right. You’ll get all five bits of DLC for the space-based RTS too, which should provide a fair few hours of AI-battling entertainment for yourself (and friends, if you decide to go co-op.)

Of course there are more games in the bundle too. Pay any price to get AI War, both titles and puzzler . If you beat the average (currently sat at $5.80 USD) you can have and divine-tinkering title  as well. In the latter title it’s your task to maintain the balance between a pair of warring factions to make sure nobody gets too much of an upper hand.

Soundtracks are included with all games. If you pay more than $1.00 USD you’ll receive Steam keys for all of them too. As ever, you can split your payment between charity, developer and Humble’s tip jar.

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