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High-poly baked normals: Call to Arms shares another tech demo

26 Sep 2013 by Peter Parrish
High-poly baked normals: Call to Arms shares another tech demo
calltoarms (2)

Can you spot the high-poly baked normals?

’s “spiritual successor” to Men of War, the RTS title Call to Arms seems to be coming along if this third tech demo is any indication. You might remember that they released one back in June as well, showcasing some of the same engine features.

One of those features is included in the headline, because it delighted and fascinated me. I have no idea what a ‘high-poly baked normal’ could be, and searching on Google gave me recipes for Jam Roly-Polys. If anybody would like to enlighten me, I’m eager to learn. Luckily, I do understand real-time lighting, destructible environments and smooth shadows; all of which this tech demo shows off too.

The final build is said to have Havok Physics and Destruction included as well. Digitalmindsoft still need a fair bit more cash if they’re actually going to make this game, so head over to the official site to read more and maybe donate some dollars if you like what you see.

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