GOG birthday celebrations continue: five indie games for $5

24 Sep 2013 by Tim McDonald
GOG birthday celebrations continue: five indie games for $5
time gentlemen please

By all accounts, he IS a bit of a dick.

is still turning five, and its five-week birthday celebrations are still going on. This week: a Super 5 promo offering five indie games for $4.95.

Those games are , , , a compilation pack of Time Gentlemen, Please! and , and . Which is technically six games, but shut up and go away.

Quite honestly, all five are pretty bloody good. VVVVVV is a gravity-bending non-linear platformer with fantastic music and old-school charm, and is one of my favourite games from the last few years. The Adventures of Shuggy captured Peter’s heart when he reviewed it ages ago. Gateways is… well, I haven’t actually played that, but “2D Portal with Metroidvania elements” sounds good to me. Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There Dan That are a pair of fantastic and genuinely funny point-and-click adventures. Finally, Escape Goat is an innovative puzzle-y platformer that charmed the pants off most people when it first came out.

The games are 80% off if you buy all five on GOG this week, reducing each to a mere $0.99, but the price goes up with each one you remove from the deal. If you only buy one then it’ll cost you $1.99, for instance.

Remind me to go for five weeks of birthday celebrations when I age up later this year. The most I’ve managed before is three parties, and that was when I spent my birthday crossing the dateline.

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