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Classified information: Incognita pre-orders net you an alpha

11 Sep 2013 by Tim McDonald
Classified information: Incognita pre-orders net you an alpha


Psst! Are you after a turn-based tactical espionage game? Possibly one where you have to control a team of secret agents breaking into buildings, disabling security systems, knocking out guards, and making off with sensitive information? What about if I told you it’s by , the people who made Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja?

Well, if you are interested, I’ve got some freshly purloined info for you. Those shadowy types over at Shacknews spotted that you can pre-order the game now, and doing so will net you access to the alpha – as well as all future alphas, betas and the full version, as they come out. Your $19.99 will net you the game, plus the soundtrack, plus a copy for a friend. Not bad, eh?

Klei Entertainment’s technical designer has noted on their forums that this alpha is actually an alpha, and thus doesn’t have a lot of major features implemented. Our spies recorded what he had to say:

What the game will look like in this state is a single (randomly generated) level, with a few agents and little to no progression. The current Alpha build has most of our core tactical and strategic systems, as well as our engine, UI, procedural generation and so on, but is missing some major progression systems and missing most of our content, which will be developed as we get further along in the process.

If that sounds like your sort of thing – and honestly, Mission: Impossible – The Turn-Based Tactical Game sounds like my sort of thing – you can place your money down now.

Unbelievably stylish alpha trailer below. The full version’s out in 2014.

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