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BRIAN BLESSED shouts about Total War: Rome 2′s PROJECTILE WEAPONS

6 Sep 2013  by   Tim McDonald

rome 2 - brian blessed 2

Apparently, having Mykel Hawke talk about the equipment of a Roman legionary wasn’t enough for Creative Assembly – they also had to have BRIAN BLESSED SHOUT ABOUT PROJECTILE WEAPONS USED IN TOTAL WAR: ROME 2. AND ALSO REAL LIFE.

Learn about the genitalia-based messages inscribed into lead shot, the difference between a Scutum and a Scrotum, the maths of hurling Pilum at barbarians (“Impact velocity = speed of throw + speed of hairy person”), and watch Brian Blessed fire bows and catapulta. And, obviously, listen to the man shout and roar and laugh, while learning about history. From a man named Gordon. It is exactly as great as it sounds, if not slightly better.

Bizarrely, there’s no mention of the problems facing Total War: Rome 2, but I guess that’s not the sort of thing you put into a trailer about your newly released game.

Total War: Rome 2 is out now, and Peter’s currently squaring off with its bugs in preparation for our review. Judging by the problems, though, you might want to wait a little while before picking this one up.

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