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You asked for this: Wargame AirLand Battle gets free DLC

2 Aug 2013 by Tim McDonald
You asked for this: Wargame AirLand Battle gets free DLC
Wargame Airland Battle

I suppose this is more the “Air” bit of “AirLand Battle”.

Have you been playing Wargame AirLand Battle? Have you been shouting at the devs, demanding all sort of unreasonable things? Then today might be your day because the free Vox Populi DLC has been released, focused on giving the community things they’ve been shouting for.

First: Conquest mode makes a return. Unlike Destruction, this isn’t about blowing up the enemy forces – it’s about holding more territory than your opponent. And yes, this will work on all multiplayer maps.

Second: Campaign mode is now playable in co-op, letting you join up with a friend to battle through a campaign against the AI. Oh, and you can now choose the nationality and equipment of the AI in Skirmish mode.

Third: Five new maps – playable in both Destruction and Conquest modes – and 24 new units.

All of this is entirely free, which is a deal worth shouting about. A new game mode, campaign co-op support, five new maps, and 24 new units? For free? , with these freebies, you’re really spoiling us.

You should find that the game will have auto-updated to add all of these the next time you launch it. Hurrah!

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