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The next MMO to be announced: Sony reveals EverQuest Next

2 Aug 2013 by Tim McDonald
The next MMO to be announced: Sony reveals EverQuest Next

Everquest Next - 15

has revealed . And, um… it looks rather impressive.

Not too much in the way of details yet, but the big thing with the action-y MMO is that the entire world is made of voxels, and this means that everything is destructible. Destroy bridges to send big foes tumbling to their doom. Blast through the ground to find procedurally-generated caverns. Smash down walls to create your own paths through areas. Etc.

There’s a lot more to it than that (a separate Landmark program/world which lets you build items, for instance, and that’ll be out towards the end of the year) but that’s the big stuff, and I’ll wait until I see it before filling you full of details. Nonetheless, I’d highly recommend you take a look at the official site to get a glimpse of the possibilities.

It’s early days yet, mind – I suspect there’s still a lot of work to go before even the closed beta is open to the public. Speaking of the beta test, you can actually sign-up now.

Loads of screenshots below and videos.

Read more on RPGReporter.

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