Tactical: Black Talons Kickstarter launches

8 Aug 2013 by Paul Younger
Tactical: Black Talons Kickstarter launchesBlack Talons

The latest strategy game to hit Kickstarter comes from indie developer Camel 101 and it’s called .

Taking on the role of a mercenary commander, players will command soldiers, mechs and battlecruisers in a sci-fi universe set in what looks like an isometric view.

The game does have some interesting sounding features such as recruiting soldiers from other factions through a diplomacy system, persistent stats on units, troop roster management,  and the fact that the combat is real-time is certainly appealing. If you like the idea of XCOM with real-time action then this could be worth a look.

To get this game made it’s going to cost $100,000 and you can hop over to the Kickstarter page now and soak up all the media below.

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