Ring sting: Guardians of Middle Earth hits Steam with seven DLC packs

29 Aug 2013 by Tim McDonald
Ring sting: Guardians of Middle Earth hits Steam with seven DLC packs
guardians of middle earth 2

That’s definitely a MOBA. You can tell by the distinctive markings.

If you like Lord of the Rings but aren’t such a big fan of “travelling to Mount Doom” and are more a fan of “twatting streams of continually spawning monsters in the face while pushing your own stream of continually spawning monsters towards an enemy base”, then rejoice! Lord of the Rings-themed MOBA, Guardians of Middle Earth has hit Steam. With seven DLC packs.

The base game contains three game modes across six maps (including those that were DLC on console, like Survival mode), and a range of 36 playable Guardians which can either be acquired through gameplay or bought with in-game currency. The base game will cost you £14.99.

Alternatively, you can buy and all the DLC hahahaha at once for hahahahahahahahaha £60.99 HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh wait they’re serious. £60.99? Really?

We have no review code so I’m unable to tell you what I think of it. I’m fairly eager to try it out, though – I heard mostly good things about the console version, although it did supposedly have some significant netcode issues. Let’s hope those have been fixed for the PC release.

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