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Rejoice: Europa Universalis IV’s preorder bonuses will be available post-launch

7 Aug 2013 by Tim McDonald
Rejoice: Europa Universalis IV’s preorder bonuses will be available post-launch
crusader kings 2 into europa universalis 4

Oooh. Colours.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve doubtless been losing sleep over whether or not the pre-order/special edition bonuses for will be available for those who aren’t able to pick it up before launch, or who can’t splash out for the Digital Deluxe Mega EXTREME version.

Fear not, would-be conquerors; fear not. You may once again sleep the sleep of the blissful, because Paradox – in their benevolent wisdom – have revealed on their forums that yes, these bonuses will be available to those who don’t/can’t/won’t pre-order the most expensive versions. For money, obviously.

The one that I suspect will interest most people is the Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV save game converter, which lets you… look, I’m sure you can guess. It’ll cost you $9.99 USD if you don’t pre-order the game, in which case you get it (and a copy of Crusader Kings II) for free.

An upgrade from the base game to the Digital Extreme Edition (yes, it’s really called that; I’m assuming there’s a Mountain Dew sponsorship involved or something) will cost $7.99. That gives you the Star and Crescent pack, the Horsemen of the Crescent unit pack, and the Conquest of Constantinople music pack – a bunch of event pictures, music, and some cavalry bits and bobs for Muslim nations, in short.

The Call to Arms pack, containing the Winged Hussars pack and the National Monuments pack (otherwise available only to those who joined in with the Call to Arms community building exercise) will cost $3.99.

Finally, the Pre-Order DLC pack – containing the 100 Years War unit pack and the Purple Phoenix expansion (infantry models for nations involved in the 100 Years War, and infantry models and events for the Byzantine Empire) will cost $6.99.

Europa Universalis IV is out on 13 August, so there’s still time to pre-order if you want some of these bits and bobs but don’t fancy shelling out extra. Peter’s preview indicates that he’s rather looking forward to it.

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