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Park life: South Park the Stick of Truth GamesCom images

21 Aug 2013 by Peter Parrish
Park life: South Park the Stick of Truth GamesCom images
south park the stick of truth (1)

This is me after gorging on too many RPGs.

Still no release date for South Park: The Stick of Truth (beyond “holiday 2013″ which probably means November,) but here instead are some new screenshot image-type pictures from Germany’s finest gaming event, GamesCom. As with all the stuff shown from this RPG, it continues to look pretty much exactly like an episode of the TV show.

This time there’s a bit of a hint as to the battle UI in a couple of the images, and two others show wider shots of the ‘Giggling Donkey’ (which must surely be the tavern equivalent.) Since Obsidian is handling development we can probably be relatively sure of some decent RPG mechanics to back up all this visual goodness, but won’t know until someone gets a chance to play the actual game.

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