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Mo’ MOBAs: BigPoint’s Merc Elite MOBA to be unveiled at GamesCom

20 Aug 2013 by Peter Parrish
Mo’ MOBAs: BigPoint’s Merc Elite MOBA to be unveiled at GamesCom

Terrible parking. No wonder he’s being shot at.

I don’t even know what counts as a any more. Aren’t they supposed to have lanes and stuff? Does just mean “any multiplayer game with two sides comprised of small teams” now? Because that would include almost every multiplayer game. I’m so confused! Anyway, and is self-describing as a MOBA so I’ll trust they know what to call their own game.

It’s promising things like “realistic line of sight” and “cover to cover combat” (maybe it’s a cover shooter-MOBA?) as well as higher ground advantage. All that tactical good stuff.

You can actually sign up for a beta key on the game’s official site, so I presume that GamesCom isn’t the very first place this game will be seen with human eyes. For more of what it looks like in motion, I’d recommend directing your senses to this features trailer.

Who will be next to follow my absolutely serious call for every PC game to become a MOBA?

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