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Medieval city builder Banished hits two year development milestone

1 Aug 2013 by Paul Younger
Medieval city builder Banished hits two year development milestoneBanished

A couple of months ago we interviewed Luke Hodorowicz, a one man development team in the process of creating the medieval city builder called . When talking to Luke about the game, his passion for game creation shone through. Today he reached another milestone in his journey.

It was two years ago Luke started work on a zombie game and soon realised he simply “couldn’t make it fun”. This is good news for fans of city building games because that initial code was used to create Banished. Hours upon hours have been spent in the game’s creation and today he’s looked back at how the project has progressed.

So how much tapping away at a keyboard has Luke had to do? Here’s a few stats:

  • 4002 external resources (that’s meshes, sounds, materials, textures, object configurations, ui’s, etc).
  • 3.3M of C++ code in 915 files
  • 1.35M of typed resource data in 1397 files
  • 694 submits to source control

Luke says that the process seems slow but he’s taken into account the fact that he’s not been working on the game weekends and holidays. The videos Luke has released of the game so far are highly impressive, and when you look back at how the game looked in 2011, it’s come a long way.

Below are a couple of shots, one from February 2011 and one second from July 2013. Quite a change.

Luke has shared a gallery of further screenshots over on his blog showing  just how far the game has come.

There’s still no release date for Banished, it was planned for mid to late 2013, but with one guy working on this, I think we can all wait patiently.

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