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Marvel Heroes PvP almost ready for testing

10 Aug 2013 by Paul Younger
Marvel Heroes PvP almost ready for testingMarvel Heroes


With the relatively large v1.11 patch out the door, the v1.13 patch just went live with more fixes. On the back of the patch update comes another developer update which outlines the status of PvP  in Marvel Heroes.

The good news is that the PvP is almost ready for testing but the bad news is it’s been pushed back a few weeks for more “interation”. The delay is all down to tuning the powers as the PvP powers will differ from the PvE powers on the heroes for balancing purposes. The advantage of ’s system is that both the PvP and PvE characters can be developed independently which will make balancing  a lot easier.

According to Gazillion, two other PvP modes are planned before the end of the year, one being a “strategic” PvP map which involves “killing a bunch of mini-bosses, capturing nodes, cutting off supply lines and ultimately destroying the enemy headquarters.” Sounds interesting.

In other Marvel Heroes news, the team continues to work on new heroes and currently in development is the ever popular Squirrel Girl, Luke Cage and Emma Frost.

The Gazillion team sound like they are flat out on enhancing the game with all the hero balancing and bug fixing.

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