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IncGamers Plays Divinity: Dragon Commander

8 Aug 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Plays Divinity: Dragon Commander
dragon commander (9)

Take that, you spawn of a salamander!

There can only be one Emperor of Rivellon, so Tim and I had to battle it out to see who would rule supreme in the skies of . Some may suggest that my having played around 18 hours more of the game than Tim makes this contest a little unfair, but I’ll hear none of that. Admittedly though, it is possible to play a strategy card called ‘Genocide’ in this game. So I was right at home from the start.

Focus your optic viewing devices on the video below for close to an hour of the multiplayer campaign from Larian’s latest release. Oh, and do watch in 720p for the optimal experience.

For a full review of the single player side of , head on over to this quaint and traditional word-based article.

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