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Hearthstone now feature complete – Beta soon in multiple regions

8 Aug 2013 by Paul Younger
Hearthstone now feature complete – Beta soon in multiple regionshearthstone


The team at working on have just hit a major milestone for their Warcraft themed strategy card game.

In a the latest development update they state that the game is now feature complete and almost ready for a beta release but there are still a few things they need to iron out including an Arena revamp, quest tuning and UI updates.

The development focus has now shifted to bug fixes and improving on the technical infrastructure to handle more players. Knowing how Blizzard usually underestimate the popularity of their beta tests let’s hope they get this one right.

As far as the actual beta test is concerned, Blizzard plan on launching beta tests in North America, Europe, Korea and Taiwan. Regions outside of North America will have to wait a little longer for their tests to start. Everyone will get into the beta at some point as the player numbers are ramped up over the weeks.

Blizzard go on to mention that real cash can be spent during the beta test and there’s a special reward for any purchases of card packs.

When is the beta starting? No idea but it sounds like it could be a matter of a few weeks.

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