Hanging out: Star Citizen Hangar Module launches tomorrow

28 Aug 2013 by Paul Younger
Hanging out: Star Citizen Hangar Module launches tomorrowStar Citizen

Star Citizen

The first real phase of testing gets underway for tomorrow with the release of the Hangar Module.

This pre-alpha release is a way for the development team to show how the game is progressing but over the coming months the module will be enhanced with new features. Updates will be applied continuously as bugs are ironed out and feedback is taken onboard.

New hangar types will be added along with ship upgrades and the ability to invite friends to check out your hangar.

Backers are being warned that there will be issues with the initial release as it will be missing a “lot of the level of detail optimizations from the ships”. Let’s hope our PCs don’t grind to a halt then.

An FAQ has been posted this evening for anyone who is going to take the plunge with the hangars.

Update: The module has now been released.

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