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Going balls out: First Football Manager 2014 vidblog details systems

30 Aug 2013  by   Tim McDonald
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Football Manager 2014 - 11

I bet Peter’s sorry he’s on holiday, because today gives us the first of the catchily named “FM Friday” Football Manager 2014 video blogs. I’m also sorry Peter’s on holiday because this means I have to write about it, and – as we all know by now – I don’t know anything about football. Apologies in advance.

This one focuses on “how news is delivered to you in the game, and how you interact with it.” It’s full of wonderful details, like how your news inbox has a bigger panel on the right-hand side, how inbox items are colour-coded based on category, and how lots of email items now have “action buttons” which will let you take action without having to go off to a different screen. There’s more media speculation and there are sortable tables. Woo.

In fairness, this sounds like a decent streamlining of the interface (to the extent that I’m slightly surprised these weren’t in the last game), and I’m sure these are welcome features for plenty of people. It still makes me want to die, though.

Football Manager 2014 is due out before Christmas. You can watch the video blog below.

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