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Early doors: Legend of Dungeon pre-order gives instant beta access

14 Aug 2013 by Peter Parrish
Early doors: Legend of Dungeon pre-order gives instant beta access
Legend of Dungeon (2)

High quality hats are guaranteed.

The excellent indie duo over at have sent word over that roguelike(like) , a title that was greenlit by Steam back in April, is now available to pre-order.

But heavens, why should we hand over our hard-earned $10 USD for a game that isn’t even out yet? Well, you actually get to play it straight away because stumping up the cash right now gives you access to the ongoing beta. Hooray!

That means you (and possibly up to three friends, if you have friends and live near enough to them for local co-op) will be able to sample the dungeon-delving title all the way up to its 13 September release date. And then play it afterwards as well, since, you know, you paid for it and everything.

Here’s a trailer showing off the oh-so-lovely Legend of Dungeon lighting and what may or may not be somebody’s best Worf from Star Trek impression.

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