Developer intervention: Tactical Intervention hits open beta

30 Aug 2013 by Tim McDonald
Developer intervention: Tactical Intervention hits open beta

Tactical Intervention

The free-to-play shooter being developed by and Counter-Strike co-developer Minh “Gooseman” Le, , is now in open beta.

Even speaking as someone who hasn’t played Counter-Strike in about 13 years and has absolutely no desire to return to it, this seems as though it’s worth a look. It’s a similar-looking game, but with far more features – attack dogs, using hostages as shields, rappelling down buildings, driving vehicles. And, being that the full game is due out on 12 September, I’m going to guess that this is more of a stress test/early look thing.

So, to reiterate: if you were one of the many who couldn’t get a closed beta key because they all vanished in minutes when it opened up back at Gamescom, Tactical Intervention is in open beta now. Grab it on here.

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