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Crowded house: WildStar video focuses on making crowd control fun

23 Aug 2013 by Peter Parrish
Crowded house: WildStar video focuses on making crowd control funWildstar


That might have been an attempted crowd control attack, I’m not sure.

Carbine has figured out that being the victim of crowd control (stuns, etc) in an MMO tends not to be all that great. Watching your character get beaten up while you’re unable to do much is a bit frustrating. hopes to mitigate this to some extent by giving you a few options while in that semi-incapacitated state.

For example, if you’re the victim of a disarm, the game doesn’t just go “welp, no weapon for you” for ten seconds. Instead, you’ll see your blade or firearm or whatever go spinning off into the world somewhere nearby. If you can retrieve it, you’re good to go again. Likewise, if blinded, your screen will go all dark and distorted, but you’re still free to use your abilities at will and fire a few things off in the hopes of hitting something.

There’s also one which reverses your controls for a while, but I think I had my fill of that in 8 and 16-bit platformers.

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