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Wolfenstymied: Bethesda delays Wolfenstein The New Order to 2014

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has been saying words in the direction of Polygon, and many of those words have to do with a delay to Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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Star Citizen banks $15 million as new goals are revealed

When Chris Roberts started his Star Citizen crowd funding journey you have to wonder if ever expected PC gamers to jump on it like they have.

By Paul Younger | 1 Aug 2013 | 1

The release wall comes down for Papers, Please on 8 August

As someone who emigrated to the US, I know alllll about visas and security checkpoints and stern faced men rifling through bags, so Papers, Please makes me feel quite nostalgic.

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Urine soaked clothes: Lost Planet 3’s trailer tells you how to die from cold

Welcome to Professor Capcom’s distressing science class. In today’s lesson, we’re going to learn how to freeze to death.

By Peter Parrish | 1 Aug 2013 | 2

Vengeance can be yours in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 today

Of course the best way to exact your vengeance on the staggered release date for the PC version of this latest piece of Black Ops 2 DLC would be to not buy it.

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Square Enix CEO confirms Tomb Raider sequel in the works

We were a little bit relieved to hear a Tomb Raider sequel being mentioned by a comic writer recently, and now Square Enix CEO of the Americas and Europe Phil Rogers has confirmed that it’s being worked on.

By Tim McDonald | 1 Aug 2013 | 1

Mystery alpha: War of the Roses devs open sign-ups for next project

Step right up ladies and gents, roll the dice for a mystery alpha project from War of the Roses developer Fatshark.

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World of Warplanes takes you back to flight school in tutorial video

World of Warplanes‘ open beta is ticking along nicely, and to help educate those who might be hopping into an aircraft for the first time, Wargaming have released the second in their Flight School series of videos to help get everyone up to speed with what they should be doing.

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New Watch Dogs trailer makes us want to play it even more

I really, really, really want to play Watch Dogs, to the extent that I’m already plotting how best to incapacitate Peter so that he can’t take the review code.

By Tim McDonald | 1 Aug 2013 | 4

Decisions, decisions: Total War: Rome 2 trailer shows strategic possibilities

It’s apparently Total War: Rome II day here on IncGamers. Not only do we have Peter’s shiny hands-on preview, but we’ve now got a brand-new trailer for you!

By Tim McDonald | 1 Aug 2013 | 1

Less than infinite choice: Infinite Crisis Founder Packs go on sale

If you’re convinced that Turbine’s forthcoming DC Universe MOBA – Infinite Crisis – is going to be amazing, then you’ll be delighted to hear that you can now plonk down your money for it.

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Registopia for the betaopia: Ridge Racer Driftopia’s closed beta begins

If you fancy doing some drifting while racing – possibly along ridges – then one assumes that the closed beta for Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer Driftopia could well be up your alley.

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I’ll say it anyway: Take On Mars heads to Steam Early Access

Bohemia Interactive’s gift-that-keeps-on-giving if you’re a news writer with a penchant for A-ha, Take On Mars, has popped up on Steam Early Access.

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Total War: Rome 2 Preview

I don’t know how familiar you all are with how preview code distribution works for major game releases, but it usually comes with a document listing all the unfinished bits and possible bugs the writer might run into.

By Peter Parrish | 1 Aug 2013 | 4

Medieval city builder Banished hits two year development milestone

A couple of months ago we interviewed Luke Hodorowicz, a one man development team in the process of creating the medieval city builder called Banished.

By Paul Younger | 1 Aug 2013 | 2

SimCity update 7 adds bridges, overpasses and tunnels

One of the major complaints with SimCity has been the city sizes, and in our interview with Kip Katsarelis we asked the developers if they were looking at ways on maximising space in the citied by giving players the opportunity to create flyovers and underpasses.

By Paul Younger | 1 Aug 2013 | 1