Wasteland 2 devs partner with publisher Deep Silver

11 Jul 2013 by Tim McDonald
Wasteland 2 devs partner with publisher Deep Silver

wasteland 2 hud 1

In a move that will likely generate some sort of controversy, developers have signed a distribution agreement with publisher .

A new blog post is keen to point out why this is a good thing, though, despite the project having been Kickstarted. Deep Silver have no creative control over the game and are basically facilitating extra QA, dealing with award fulfillment, and getting a retail version of the game in stores so that it isn’t just a digital title. The idea, then, is that there are plenty of advantages and no disadvantages.

At the same time, inXile released a pair of screenshots showing off the game’s customisable HUD. One’s above, one’s below.

wasteland 2 hud 2

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