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Steam Summer Sale Day 6: The IncGamers Picks

16 Jul 2013  by   Peter Parrish

Steam sale, day 6

Today is a fine, fine sale day on Steam. Lots of titles to recommend, very few duffers among them. Some great stealth, amazing horror, stylish open-world antics and (if you like that sort of thing) thoughtful football management. As always with Steam, if you see something nice as a Daily Deal you may as well grab it because it’s highly unlikely to return at a cheaper price (best you can hope for is the same price.)

Here are you wallet-botherers for 16 July:

  • System Shock 2, System Shock 2, System Shock 2. If you missed this when it was a community choice, it’s back again. Still $2.50 USD. Still better than all the BioShocks. THAT’S RIGHT.
  • 2D stealth? How can that possibly work? Mark of the Ninja will show you for $3.75 USD and you may well be astonished.
  • Embark on some Triad and tested open-world gaming with Sleeping Dogs at $6.25. It’s a good ‘un, with a decent PC port.
  • If you know more about football than Tim, then you can manage Gareth Bale’s balls yourself in Football Manager for a paltry $10.00 USD.
  • Tim would also probably recommend you give The Secret World a try for $15.00 USD. He loves it so.
  • Alan Wake is another solid PC port, and cheap-o-riffic at $3.00 USD today. It’s sorta like if Stephen King wrote a Twin Peaks episode and filled it with flashlights.

The current crop of Flash sales are looking grand too. Horribly horrific horror in the form of Amnesia can be yours for $4.00 USD. Scribblenauts Unlimited is 75% off ($5.00 USD) and Serious Sam III is down to aaaaarrrrrggggghhh $4.00 USD *explodes*

I’ve exploded now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more Steam summer sale tales.

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