StarCraft 2 celebrates third birthday with XP gains

23 Jul 2013  by   Paul Younger
StarCraft 2 celebrates third birthday with XP gains

Starcraft 2


It’s been three years since StarCraft 2 was released and time has really flown by. Remember complaining how long it took Blizzard to release the sequel? Should we start complaining that StarCraft 3 is now overdue? OK, it’s maybe a little premature for that, they’ve still not released the third part of StarCraft 2! Damn slackers!

To celebrate the three year SC2 milestone, Blizzard has increased XP gains by 25% and they’ve rather kindly unlocked all three races in the Starter Edition so tell your non-playing friends to take a look.  You can let Blizzard know how wonderful they are in the comments over on their post.

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