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Pleasing platforms: Rayman Legends jumping to PC in August

25 Jul 2013  by   Tim McDonald
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Rayman Legends - 4

Gasp, and shock, and swoon! Brightly-coloured platformer Rayman Legends is making a leap onto our favourite type of platform – PC.

This is weird for two reasons. Firstly: a publisher announcing that a console-centric game is coming to PC, before the console versions are out? That’s just weird. Secondly: a Ubisoft game coming out on PC the same day as console versions? That’s weirder.

What it isn’t, however, is bad news. Rayman Origins was a beautiful platformer that, at times, touched Mario levels of design perfection, and the fact that its sequel wasn’t coming to PC was always a bit sad. But now it is! Hurray! Let’s hope it maintains the same wonderfully high standards.

PC users also get a rather neat deal. If you pre-order the game on the Ubi store, you get Rayman Origins for free. I suspect that most people who are interested in Rayman Legends already have Rayman Origins, but what the hell – if you haven’t already played that, you really, really should.

Rayman Legends will hit PC on 30 August – the same day as the console versions come out – assuming that Ubisoft don’t delay it because of piracy or More Work Needed or something. PC screens below!

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