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New Borderlands 2 DLC packs revealed and level cap increase incoming

20 Jul 2013 by Paul Younger
New Borderlands 2 DLC packs revealed and level cap increase incomingBordlerlands 2

At PAX in Aus this morning, Gearbox took to the stage to reveal their plans for .

Announced first was a set of fantasy-themed Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep heads, for those who want to further customise their characters. These will be available via SHIFT codes over the next few weeks.

Next was the “Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2” which will cost $5.00. This pack raises the level cap to 72 and adds the Digistruct Peak Challenge – a “training course” map that pits you against digistructs of enemies, letting you face off against enemy combinations you wouldn’t normally see in the base game. This DLC is not part of the Season Pass.

That’s not all: Gearbox also announced Headhunter Pack: T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest, which will be released before Halloween and focus on T.K. Baha from Borderlands 1’s DLC The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Gearbox demonstrated this DLC by showing off a boss fight with “Jacques O’Lantern”, which unlocked further character customisations.

There’s lots to be excited about if you love Borderlands 2. Just to clarify the exact details of what’s coming, here’s a pic of the slide from the panel:

Bordlerlands 2

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