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IncGamers Podcast #124

24 Jul 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #124pod124-2


Gareth Bale continues to delight and fascinate the team this week; almost as much as the prospect of getting Deadly Premonition on the PC through Steam Greenlight. Was that a convincing segue, there? Probably not. Anyway, getting the adventures of Francis York Morgan on the PC sounds like a terrific idea and we fully support it.

After that, we discuss the prospect of getting HD versions of , along with Gearbox’s decision to extend Borderlands 2 DLC beyond the ‘Season Pass.’ And there’s even more speculation about old game licenses thanks to Atari’s bankruptcy auction bonanza this week, including whether have really got all the rights to Star Control after all.

Foolishly, we attempt to answer some Facebook questions and discover that this may not be the best for handling in-depth Diablo 3 queries. Plus! chat and the great Kickstarter currency dilemma.

This week, the podcast team has played, ’s Faction DLC and the hamster-filled Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. So those are the games we’ll talk about.

Listen or download the podcast, below. Find more of them here, or even at iTunes.

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