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IncGamers Podcast #123

17 Jul 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #123IncGamers Podcast

IncGamers Podcast

Why did so many of the Molyjam 2013 games put in a dress? The IncGamers team will stop at nothing to uncover the answer to this question. In the course of doing so, Paul discovers that, yes, you can indeed buy turtleneck dresses. All of a sudden, Molyneux in drag makes a whole lot more sense.

In the news portion, we react to word of ’sdeparture from Maxis to become a full time superhero, discuss whether Tim should get started on his homoerotic football fiction and attempt to assess three car-related games at once. Plus! DOTA 2’s release, the fate of End of Nations and probably some other things I’ve forgotten about.

Other than the madness it’s been somewhat quiet for games. I’ve been playing Dragon Commander, Tim’s been spending money on Steam and Paul has been shaking his fist at eternally patching games.

There is, however, an audio window into Tim’s forthcoming interview with Card Hunter’s Jon Chey. Part one of that interview transcript is either up elsewhere on the site right now, or is coming later today.

Listen to the show below, or download it for later. It’s up to you! Woah, choice and consequences. It’s almost like an RPG. More podcast larks can be found in the archives, or at iTunes.

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