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Extra! Extra! Dragon Commander to decide on freedom of the press

8 Jul 2013 by Peter Parrish
Extra! Extra! Dragon Commander to decide on freedom of the press

dragon commander

In a scandalous attack on the freedom of the press, adviser to the crown and noted Lizard Prospera has proposed brutal censorship of the honest newspaper workers of Rivellon. While the final decision rests with the himself, the editorial team at IncGamers are shocked and appalled that he would allow the matter to get this far out of hand.

Has our lord and protector grown out of touch? He now surrounds himself with advisers and flunkies in a luxurious airship, literally placing himself above the people he purports to serve.

The Dragon Commander has pandered to the elites for too long and must show his loyalty to the common man by striking down this disgraceful legislation. Without a free press to keep authoritarian elements in check, the realm could collapse into an oppressive police state. This must not be allowed to happen!

Do the right thing, sire. Act before 6 August.

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