Europa Universalis 4 pre-orders bring Crusader Kings 2 save converter

30 Jul 2013  by   Tim McDonald
crusader kings 2 into europa universalis 4
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crusader kings 2 into europa universalis 4

Well, I can’t say that was exactly expected. Pre-order Paradox’ Europa Universalis 4 and you’ll get a Crusader Kings 2 savegame importer – as well as a copy of Crusader Kings 2, so that you can use it.

The importer can read the details of a Crusader Kings 2 save and then convert it into a game that can be played in Europa Universalis 4, letting you keep the empires you built up. There’s a screenshot above showing an example of an imported game, which means literally nothing other than “ooh, colours” to me. I’m sure Peter will be excited, though, as he thoroughly enjoyed Crusader Kings 2 and seemed to get on well with the Europa Universalis 4 preview code.

For what it’s worth, if you already have Crusader Kings 2, you can gift the extra copy to a friend.

Europa Universalis 4 is out on 13 August, and these pre-order bonuses will be made available on 1 August. Have a gander at the official site to pre-order, or to get a bit more info.

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