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Blizzard’s new Battle.Net launcher demoed in video

23 Jul 2013 by Paul Younger
Blizzard’s new Battle.Net launcher demoed in videoBattleNet launcher

BattleNet launcher

Blizzard are in the process of testing their Steam/Origin-like desktop launcher system for to provide easy access to their game information, and some video footage has surfaced today.

Long gone are the days of simply clicking an icon on on your desktop and just playing a game, now it’s all about branding and a constant flow of what’s usually useless information. With many Blizzard gamers playing more than one Blizzard game, this launcher is designed to make sure every piece of product information can’t be missed.

If you currently play each of the Blizzard games individually there is already an information launch screen with updates so this new tool will likely do away with the current system on all their games.

HuskyStarCraft has put together a video explaining the system but I really do wish he would CALM DOWN, it’s nice but it’s nothing groundbreaking.

When watching this video, please try and not punch your screen, it won’t hurt the caster but it will hurt your monitor.

Thanks MCV.

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