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Testing heroes: Marvel Heroes test server launches

Gazillion is now ready to test new Marvel Heroes features with the launch of a new test servers this evening.

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Back to the Sims: The Sims 3 go INTO THE FUTURE

EA have announced the 79,042,397th digital product branded with The Sims: an expansion for The Sims 3 called Into the Future.

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Jam it in your eyes: Oculus Rift launches global VR Jam

If you have the next great virtual reality 3D-o-rama game idea, Oculus Rift wants to hear from you.

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Europa Universalis IV Preview

Given its critical and commercial levels of success, Crusader Kings II might turn out to be the gateway drug people needed to get involved with Paradox strategy titles.

By Peter Parrish | 23 Jul 2013 | 5

Competitive caving: PC’s Spelunky HD to have daily challenges

Derek Yu’s Spelunky, described by our very own Tim McDonald as “side-on, randomly-generated, permadeath, Roguelike platforming” and “a superb example of just-one-more-go gaming,” will be reappearing on PC in HD form from 8 August.

By Peter Parrish | 23 Jul 2013 | 2

Open source Star Control 2 team express doubts over Atari IP sale

Star Control was one of the properties sold off in Atari’s bankruptcy auction last week, with the winning bid coming from Brad Wardell’s Stardock company.

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StarCraft 2 celebrates third birthday with XP gains

It’s been three years since StarCraft 2 was released and time has really flown by.

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Blizzard’s new Battle.Net launcher demoed in video

Blizzard are in the process of testing their Steam/Origin-like desktop launcher system for Battle.Net to provide easy access to their game information, and some video footage has surfaced today.

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Adventure Park lets you be a rollercoaster tycoon in your own theme park

I feel like I should apologise for the sarcasm in the headline because there aren’t that many Rollercoaster Tycoon/Theme Park alikes out there compared to, say, modern-day shooters, but… well…
Either way, it seems like Adventure Park – a forthcoming rollercoaster-‘em-up from German dev b-alive – is wearing its inspirations on its sleeve.

By Tim McDonald | 23 Jul 2013 | 1

Another bug hunt: Aliens: Colonial Marines patched

We might not like Aliens: Colonial Marines here at IncGamers, but we do like our patch notes, and this new patch for the woefully broken Aliens: Colonial Marines has a few good ‘uns.

By Tim McDonald | 23 Jul 2013 | 2

No surprises: Another Batman: Arkham Origins villain revealed

Apparently, Warner Bros are desperate for us to know absolutely everything about Batman: Arkham Origins before we play it, and to be perfectly honest, I’m actually a bit angry about this.

By Tim McDonald | 23 Jul 2013 | 1

Home Instance of Cards: Cutthroat Politics comes to Guild Wars 2

Today marks the beginning of election time in Guild Wars 2, with NCsoft and ArenaNet promising that the election will let players have a big impact on the future of Guild Wars 2.

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