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Archive for 18 July 2013

Running on schedule: Shadowrun Returns counts down to launch with a trailer

In the latest update to their Kickstarter, Harebrained Schemes confirms (much to the delight of people eager to play the game, I’m sure) that there will be no more delays to Shadowrun Returns.

18 Jul 2013 | 1

Listen to our Jon Chey Talks Card Hunter interview

You’ve probably noticed our terrifyingly gargantuan interview with Jon Chey of Blue Manchu, which has dominated our content for the past couple of days.

18 Jul 2013 | 6

Jon Chey talks Card Hunter: Part Two

Last time, Tim and Blue Manchu supremo Jon Chey discussed what led up to the creation of Card Hunter, as well is its inspirations and how those inspirations influenced it.

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Absurdly meta: Indie Game: The Movie getting DLC

Apparently, it’s not just games getting DLC these days. Movies about games aren’t safe either.

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Win a copy of The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief

IncGamers has teamed up with KING Art and Nordic Games to win a copy of their upcoming adventure game┬áThe Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief which releases on 23 July.

18 Jul 2013 | 1

Guild Wars 2 plans to update almost literally everything in 2013

There’s a simple answer to the question “what are ArenaNet going to update and change in Guild Wars 2 during the rest of the year?” And that answer is “everything, pretty much.” At least, that’s the impression I got from reading Colin Johanson’s latest and greatest State of the Game blog post.

18 Jul 2013 | 1

Arma-ed warfare: Arma 3 beta trailer looks very, very pretty

Good grief, Arma 3 looks beautiful. If it weren’t for the fact that its notoriously vicious AI would shoot me in the head for doing so, I could just wander around its gigantic landmasses marvelling at how pretty everything looks.

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Steam Summer Sale Day 8: The IncGamers Picks

We’re only at Day 8, but already we’re starting to see quite a few repeat deals cropping up.

18 Jul 2013 | 3

Sir, You Are Being Hunted alpha opens to all pre-orderers in August

It’d be terrible to live in a world in which I couldn’t sneak my way through some England-inspired areas, and occasionally run and hide from robotic huntsmen.

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Wizard wheeze: Magicka: Wizard Wars gets gameplay trailer

Hooray for Paradox trailers, which are usually whimsical and full of the silly (as long as they aren’t for Europa Universalis), and hooray for Magicka, whose particular breed of trailers continues to amuse and enthrall me.

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Tom Clancy’s Sam Fisher beats all the Tom Clancy terrorists in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Look out, terrorists are all around you! They cannot be reasoned with and cannot be stopped.

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(Oc)cult hit: Deadly Premonition investigating Steam Greenlight

Do you like murder mysteries? Bad voice acting? A game that can be summed up as “Twin Peaks as directed by a lunatic”?

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Tactical intelligence: Card Hunter open beta “coming up”

Blue Manchu’s top guy, Jon Chey, has told us that the rather good Card Hunter will hopefully be entering open beta shortly.

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Johnny got his gun: Johnny Gat returns in Saints Row 4

Here’s some news that is particularly pleasing to my ears: friendly psychopath Johnny Gat will be returning in Saints Row 4.

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