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Telltale has “more license announcements” coming this year

12 Jun 2013 by Peter Parrish
Telltale has “more license announcements” coming this year
The Wolf Among Us

Any ideas for new games, Mr Pig?

In a brief interview exchange with PC Gamer, president Kevin Bruner has confirmed that it has “some more license announcements coming up this year.” Bruner says the developer has “a long list” of things they’d love to license, and that some of those things may now be within reach after the huge success of The Walking Dead.

None of the announcements will concern Breaking Bad, however. Despite getting many requests for just such a thing, Bruner says “We’re not doing Breaking Bad.”

Don’t worry though, he also says this:

I think there’s going to be some things that people are like, “Amazing, I can’t wait for Telltale to do it,” and definitely some things where they’ll be like “That’s awesome, I would never have thought of a Telltale game about that,” but it’s going to be crazy cool.

Telltale is currently working on Fables: The Wolf Among Us and some DLC for The Walking Dead called 400 Days.

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