Take to the skies: SimCity Airship DLC released

26 Jun 2013 by Paul Younger
Take to the skies: SimCity Airship DLC releasedSimCity


If the traffic in is pissing off your sims then the best way to travel has to be airship. Maxis has now released the new Airship DLC for their small-mapped  city builder.

The new mode of transportation comes as the “Airship Set” which can now be found on Origin  priced £5.99 ($8.99) with the hilarious tag-line for SimCity players of “Don’t let traffic woes weigh you down!”. Hilarious from Maxis there.

These new airships will move sims between cities and bring in new tourists. They also have more capacity than train station, bus stations or municipal airports, and set also comes with two new balloon parks that launch ten new balloons across the city to cheer up your Sims.

I wonder if they have added a new airship disaster?

More info can be found in the new Airship FAQ.

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