Take control: Commander mode returns in Battlefield 4

10 Jun 2013 by Tim McDonald
Take control: Commander mode returns in Battlefield 4


has revealed that Commander mode will be returning in .

The much-pined after mode lets one player take the role of Commander, who gives orders to the various squads and calls in support powers like missile strikes from a top-down view. This was shown off in a live 64-player match on the vertical Siege of Shanghai map, featuring plenty of skyscrapers that can – through the aid of the Frostbite engine – be hit so hard they collapse and crumble.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be sat at your PC or console to take on the role of Commander, as it apparently works just fine on tablet interfaces too.

The rest of the multiplayer showing was fairly impressive on its own, with a support pillar being demolished to knock out the ceiling and deal with a tank, as well as plenty of action from boats and helicopters, with the latter making more of an appearance once the action shifted to the higher levels of a glass-walled skyscraper. It’s just a shame that they used the dreadful “Levolution” tagline to sum all of this up.

Can you guess what I’m going to say next? Yup: we’ll probably have some sort of video of this for you later on. Stay tuned.

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