Path of Exile supporter packs raise $2.5m – New packs available now

7 Jun 2013 by Paul Younger
Path of Exile supporter packs raise $2.5m – New packs available nowPath of Exile

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games has funded their ARPG in numerous ways, mainly through microtransactions and the sale of supporter packs prior to the open beta kicking off. Their philosophy has been to sell only cosmetic in-game items, there is no pay to win model in the game which has to be commended.

Today they revealed that the sale of the supporter packs alone has helped fund the game to the tune of $2.5 million which I think you’ll agree is a decent chunk of change. Since the open beta began they’ve been working on new pack options for players to help continue the development funding.

New packs hace also been launched for anyone who wishes to support and fund the game’s development as they continue to finish Act 3 before the game releases later this year. Players of the game can get anything from a simple Baby Rhoa pet and soundtrack for $30 right through to the Ruler of Wraeclast pack for $12,500 which allows you to design your own monster in the game and all the other extras

The packs that have been put together by GGG illustrate that a game can be supported by a strong community if the game catches their imagination. If POE steers clear of a pay to win model with community support then that can only be a good thing for ARPG games.

Thanks POE: IncGamers.

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