Paging Bob Page: Deus Ex The Fall teaser

4 Jun 2013 by Peter Parrish
Paging Bob Page: Deus Ex The Fall teaser

Deus Ex: The Fall

What can you learn in seven seconds? I guess that’s what this somewhat pathetic Deus Ex: The Fall video is asking us.

Well, it probably confirms that this is a game, rather than a tie-in novelty towel or a cartoon series or whatever other TRANSMEDIA bullshit publishers are up to these days.

Bob Page (the baddie from the original game, and cameo-voice in Human Revolution) has a line in it. So … he’s probably going to be involved.

And then we have tomorrow’s date, 5 June, suggesting that a longer bit of footage is on the way. Maybe this time it will be 15 seconds! Hang on to your nanobot hats, folks.

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