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Might not suck: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing’s Blue Blood DLC now live

27 Jun 2013  by   Tim McDonald

van helsing blue blood

If you’re a fan of slightly campy ARPGs based around eastern European mythology, then rejoice, for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has some more DLC! And then be a bit sad, because that’s about the only game I can think of which fits that exacting description.

The Blue Blood DLC has gone live on Steam today, offering a new skill tree for the snarky Lady Katarina that may make her a bit more useful in combat. Abilities in this tree include buffs to her damage and survivability; a big AoE attack whenever she… well, she can’t die because she’s a ghost, but you know what I mean;, and a couple of debilitating auras to weaken and slow enemies. Van Helsing himself gets a few neat powers, too, with the Aura of Counterbalance giving Katarina HP every time he spends Rage, and Ghostly Mirage temporarily creating a pair of extra Katarinas.

£1.49 to you, squire.

And just in case you thought there was nowhere left in the game for you to use these, the Scenario Mode has also been updated with a pair of new scenarios – one in Croakwood, and one in The Rookery – plus a new reward system that lets you upgrade all characters you’ve created.

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