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IncGamers Podcast #118

5 Jun 2013  by   Peter Parrish
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IncGamers Podcast #118

Hop inside the latest IncGamers Podcast for the latest on games that haven’t really been announced yet.

Will Deus Ex: The Fall just be 30 hours of Bob Page listening to Mark E. Smith records? Do Blizzard actually have a Project Titan or is the 2016 release date just buying time for them to actually start working on it? Is Massive Chalice going to be Crusader Kings II with jokes?

We don’t know. But they’re all worth talking about.

We’ll also discuss the rampant shambles that is Steam’s Greenlight system, and whether the Virtuix Omni can turn you into Davros (it totally can.)

In podcast games this week, it’s Tim’s views on the remade Leisure Suit Larry, Paul’s trials and tribulations with Wargame: Airland Battle and my desperate attempts not to commit war-crimes in Expeditions: Conquistador.

But where will you find such a broadcast? Why, below of course. If you like it, here are some more. And at iTunes too.

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    Larry walks that very fine line between clever satire and actually doing the ridiculous thing that it’s satirizing. I generally trust that Al Lowe is well-intentioned, but his stuff is certainly imperfect.

    June 5, 2013 at 2:33 pm

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