IncGamers E3 Conference Podcast

12 Jun 2013  by   Peter Parrish
e3 2013 conferencese3 2013 conferences

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e3 2013 conferences

Did Sony WIN E3? What do you win if you win E3? Is it a nice trophy, or a book token, or maybe just the undying love of podcast presentations like this one.

It doesn’t matter, because obviously the PC triumphed at E3; as it does every day of the gaming year. That’s not to say that Monday’s E3 press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft were of no interest to the IncGamers Podcast, of course. There were multiplatform releases galore, hints at other games that’ll probably make it to the PC and men holding controllers on stage as games broke, stuttered and died behind them.

Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Have a listen to the E3 Conference Review Podcast Special Extend-o-Edition of the IncGamers Podcast, below. Check back tomorrow for a follow-up podcast featuring reports from the show floor itself.

Archives of the regular show can be found here, or on iTunes.

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